Rediscover Your Passion and Purpose

Many people seek out a Life Coach in order to rediscover their passion and purpose. For the most part they say that what was meaningful in their lives has been lost, and life now is uninteresting and boring. Although the Life Coach cannot, and should not, “fix” the problem, it is possible that a series of coaching sessions will bring new clarity and understanding to the forefront.

Think back to times in your life when you were excited to be alive, and then reflect on those in which you were bursting with enthusiasm or overflowing with excitement. Those were “aha” moments! You were 100% focused and completely centered on what you were doing. It might have been one of those times when you were involved in finishing an important project, or challenged in a sporting competition, or being with someone that always made it a fabulous time together.

Now write down those experiences, and look at what similarities and patterns jump off the page at you. How did each of these things affect your state of mind, attitude and behavior? In the midst of this, take note of any dreams and aspirations that get stirred up. At the point when our passions get buried, we tend to overlook much of what we were destined to do. Although you may not be able to backpedal and recreate adolescent dreams, a flicker of insight may develop. Then it is possible to restore a portion of the old longings and interests, ultimately regaining some of your old desires and passions.

Find Your Passion

In order to find your passion, here are some key points to follow: 

  • Ask some individuals who know you well to point out what they think you are passionate about.
  • Consider times in your life when you felt really alive. What does this say in regards to your energy and passion?
  • When you were younger and your parents did not know where you were, was did they think you were doing? What does this say about your level of enthusiasm?
  • If you had no restrictions on your cash or time, what might you do? Now, take a look at your surroundings. Is this the real picture of of what truly interests and excites you?
  • Make a commitment to your passion, talk it over with others, make note of the advantages and disadvantages, and you will probably see what lies ahead.

Find Your Strengths

What are your strengths? If you aren’t sure, there is a simple way to discover them. It is a process of asking yourself some revealing questions, like the following:

  • What do I excel at?
  • What can I do better than most people I know?
  • What have I been extremely successful at?

If this seems self-centered and egotistical, you need to understand that your talents and capabilities are not for you alone, but for the good of others in your family, at work, and in setting your life purposes.

It is okay to acknowledge your weaknesses, but stay focused in the areas of your strength. 

In regards to your strengths and abilitites, here is what the Gallup organization states:  

You will be more successful in whatever you do by building your life around your greatest natural abilities. 

The Power of a Life Purpose 


Have you asked yourself this question, “Is there a purpose for my life? If so, you have probably searched for satisfaction and joy in your own particular way.

Now and again the longing for fulfillment becomes so strong that we can’t resist the opportunity to venture off the path we are on and commit ourselves to seek and discover what it is. This search for fulfillment frequently requires looking back to those times when your purposes were not fulfilled. At that  time, you may not have had the fearlessness to go after it, or you may have allowed life’s burdens to conceal what you knew to be valid, and so you gave up on your pursuit.

Everybody has a life purpose, and in spite of the fact that it may not be obvious to you, there is a way you can become clearly aware of it. You can find out about every one of your gifts and talents, and how to use them to fulfill your purpose.

Knowing your life purpose can significantly improve your direction in life. Purpose-driven individuals encounter greater satisfaction, more profound confidence, and frequently more significant financial rewards than other individuals. Regardless of whether you understand it or not, you have been preparing your entire life to fulfill your destiny and purpose.

Here’s another question for you to ponder: Toward the finish of your life, what will you remember most? Similarly, will your thoughts take you back to a sense of fulfillment, realizing that you gave it your everything, that your life had an impact on family, friends, and in the community you live?

The following questions will give you answers that can be used to find all the components of your life purpose. In order to benefit the most from them, assume (disregard what you have been told about making assumptions) that everything that has occurred in your life has been a training ground, intended to get you ready and sharpen you for your destiny and purpose. Just embrace this perspective while answering these questions:

  • In your childhood, what did you see yourself doing or becoming when you grew up?
  • What are you exceptionally good at doing?
  • What are you most attracted to do?
  • If you had a year to live, what might you invest your time and energy doing?
  • When you think back on your life, what have you done that gave you fulfillment or a feeling of total satisfaction?
  • Envision that every one of the difficulties and dissatisfactions from your youth have been woven together to create and sharpen you. What abilities or blessings have you gained from them?

I Know My Passions and Life Purpose, Now What?


Before you chart a new course of action, it is important to process all the specifics of your life’s purpose. Next, you will have a vital choice to make. Would you like to carry on with your life as a declaration of your passion and purpose? In spite of the fact that it won’t change, your inner self has the ability to disregard it. There are upsides and downsides to carrying on with an intentional life, and advantages and disadvantages to overlooking your passion and purpose.

By what means will you impart your life purpose into your regular day to day existence? Simply stated, there are two ways:

  • You can be your life purpose while doing practically anything.
  • Choose a profession or vocation that is a direct expression of your passion and purpose. Ultimately, this can be extremely satisfying and rewarding.

If you need help finding your passion and purpose, it is advisable to use the services of a professional life coach. And even if you know what it is, a life coach can help you navigate the course of action to take in order for you to fulfill your destiny. The help and support you receive can result in finding your true self.

Allan Siegel 

Life Coach


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