About Allan


Welcome to the World of Life Coaching...

I received my training from the Professional Christian Coaching Institute (PCCI). It is founded upon Christian values, and their “faith integration is distinctly Christian while remaining non-denominational.” Their motto (and mine as well), is “Raising the Standard”, which simply means to raise high the royal standard of Christ and raising the professional standard of coaching skills.

I want to help all of my clients reach their goals, establish a vision, and fulfill his or her life’s purpose. In other words, I want to help each of my clients get to where they want to go. The “road to success” can be challenging, and often our individual efforts are not enough to accomplish all that we’ve set out to do. As a Life Coach I will partner with you, and be there for you as long as you need my support.

My Purpose and Passion

My purpose and passion is to come alongside each of my clients to enable and develop all of their potential. I will put forth every effort to encourage each person to discover all the “answers” that propel them onward to their goals. It is important to know that the coaching-client relationship will be based upon my efforts to:

  • be honest
  • be available to serve my client’s needs
  • seek order and organization in order to take initiative  
  • “stay on track” with my commitments
  • be authentic and never hide behind a mask
  • be compassionate and set aside my agenda for others
  • be positive and eliminate negative thoughts.

I am an active listener and will do my best to understand where you are coming from, and where you want to go. Also, I will present challenging questions with the purpose of stretching you beyond what you thought could be achieved. Our coaching sessions will be a safe place to share your dreams, aspirations, and the obstacles that keep you bogged down, all within an atmosphere of total confidentiality.

My main goal is to help others find their purpose. As a client, I want you to know three things:

  1. I will do my best to clearly understand your values and circumstances.
  2. I will be supportive on your journey to where you want to go.
  3. I will partner with you in all your high points and low points, as you reach to attain your dreams and goals.

More about me

If you need support regarding your life’s purpose, vision, or mission, I offer an initial complimentary session to make sure that this is the coaching relationship you are seeking. Simply leave your comment below or contact me by email I will respond within 24 hours. Make sure you visit my site regularly as I am always updating it with new ideas and information that I know you will find interesting and informative.

I wish you all the best in fulfilling your life’s purpose – and thanks for stopping by.

To your success,

Allan: Founder of Life on Purpose Coach

contact: lifeonpurposecoach@gmail.com