Life Purpose Coach

If you don’t clearly know the direction to go, or if something is blocking your progress, a Life Coach can help you develop your life purpose. A Life Coach is a trained professional who will help you find the appropriate answers that you already have inside yourself. Your coach will pose questions that will lead you to discover the answers you are searching for.

As a Life Coach, I provide a partnership in order to serve my client’s passions, goals, and in finding his or her life’s purpose. It is a process that includes discovering their untapped potential through personal dreams, visions, and insights.

Life is a series of changes and transitions, which can be difficult to navigate, and perhaps overwhelming at times. As we travel down the path of life, it is important to acknowledge all your experiences, including the losses and the victories. There will be times when a person needs to walk the bridge between what is being left behind and what lies ahead.

Throughout our times together I will be a “balance coach,” as my client learns how to identify limitations and obstacles that impede his or her progress. Once the issues are identified, new perspectives will arise that lead to creating action steps and possibilities. Balance will come as you begin to recognize that you are empowered to make intentional choices and take control of your life, which will lead to pursuing what is most important.

A Life Coach is… 

  • an active listener – a Life Coach focuses and pays close attention to what the client is saying, then asks clarifying questions.
  • sensitive and empathetic – a Life Coach encourages (but is never pushy) people to press on towards their goals.
  • enables others to envision the future – a Life Coach gives clients the support necessary to look at things with a different mindset/new perspective.
  • action oriented – a Life Coach commits to the process of taking action steps, never looking back or quitting.

A Life Coach is not…

  • a therapist – a Life Coach will not offer clients the answers to past issues, or diagnose and provide expertise for a path to healing.
  • a mentor – a Life Coach will not help the client by sharing his knowledge and expertise.
  • a counselor – a Life Coach will not try to fix what is wrong.

What Will You Get From Your Life Purpose Coach? 

First and foremost you will be working with a person who believes that you are the expert in your own life. You know the answers to the challenges you face, and as a Life Coach I am here to support and facilitate along the way.

What can I do for you? I will tune in to you, and listen as you pursue your dreams, goals, and aspirations. You know you are working with a good Life Coach when you end up tuning in to yourself, understanding things about yourself in new and different ways.

I will help you get results as you:

  • recognize and capitalize on your own strengths.
  • transform life’s challenges/obstacles/difficulties into positive outcomes.
  • recognize your “lemons,” and turn them into “lemonade.”
  • make sense of your dreams/visions, goals and true purposes.
  • outline your own specific plans of action to accomplish your goals and objectives.

My Commitment to You

As your Life Coach I will support, challenge and motivate you to achieve all that you have been designed to be. Taking the necessary steps to move forward, onward and upward, can be greatly enhanced in the coaching-client relationship.

Our coaching-client relationship will help you to get out of your “comfort zone,” although you will never be pushed or coerced to do so. When you know what you need to do, but are not sure how to attain it, our objective will be to advance beyond any blocks that are in the way.

Getting through your resistance with your Life Coach will be a team effort to identify your “true self.” For instance, when you figure out how to change the words “I’ll try” to “I will” or “I need to” to “I’ve decided to” you’ve redefined how you approach an objective or a venture. Re-framing those phrases gets through a wide range of resistance and makes positive changes possible.

Your mindset and outlook will be transformed as you and your Life Coach work towards reexamining your thoughts, behavior patterns, actions, and goals. There is so much to find out about yourself, and the potential to fulfill your ultimate potential. And that is what I most want to see as your Life Coach.

Allan Siegel, Life Coach